Well it’s 2018, lots of goals, dreams and resolutions have been made. I have to be honest with you about something. I actually did not make any resolutions and let’s just say I’m working on the goal part. When I sat down to write my goals out, I really couldn’t pinpoint what it is that I exactly want to accomplish this year. I have some health and fitness goals, along with some other personal goals. I actually love working out and I enjoy running when it’s not freezing outside. But when it comes to eating healthy, that’s where I struggle. I believe in order to build a healthy eating lifestyle I need to figure out my true why and the right steps for me to make it work. So the first weeks of this new year, I have been working on my why.


When it comes to Baked by Billie, I am not sure what my exact goals are for this year. As I reflect on last year and all that we accomplished, I’m still in awe. We grew in so many different ways, some were painful lessons, some weren’t and we had a whole lot of fun. A few things I learned last year were, I need to batch work so I can improve in time management, try new things and most of all trust in God at all times. So as I take what I learned last year and work on my new goals, I am excited to announce that I will be going on my first Mission Trip. On February 3, I will be leaving with five other women for a week long Mission Trip in Belize. We will be ministering and working with women who are attempting to start and grow their business. I believe when I come back from this trip, I am going to have a whole new perspective on life and my business.


One thing I know for sure is I have an obsession with donuts and I want to share that obsession with you. So we are really wanting to step up our game this year. So far we have a few new flavors like red velvet, chocolate raspberry and sugar. We want to know your favorite donut, so we can add it to our menu.


Wishing you a day full of love, laughter, sugar and sunshine,