Gender Reveals are on trend right now. It’s not surprising given how much fun they are and, really, we need to celebrate more because life is far too short to be completely serious. Since babies touch so many lives even before they are born, we certainly need to start celebrating early and there is no better way than with a gender reveal.

There are so many different ways you can reveal the gender of your baby – from parties to balloons to bubble gum to confetti to the cutting of a cake. This Spring has been a busy time of Gender Reveal between cakes, cupcakes and one of my favorite… cookies! One of my favorite ideas came from one of my customers. Most of her family lives out of state, so I made gender reveal cookies and she mailed them out. How fun to get a cookie in the mail and find out if a family member is having a boy or girl!?!?

As the baker, most of the turnaround time on my end has to be pretty quick. Usually, I get the gender of the baby and have to turnaround it around within 24 hours for most clients. Luckily, my wonderful customers and I have already planned out all the details so it is just a matter of pulling all together. And I get it – everyone is just as excited to find out as I am! I usually the make the cake, cupcakes or cookie dough the morning I am supposed to find out the gender. That way all I have to do is to fill the cake, cupcakes or cookies to finish the order so it is ready for the happy family. Even though it is usually time sensitive, I love playing a small part on this day for parents-to-be!

And just in case you are wondering, so far all of these gender reveals and baby showers all have been for boys! I’m wondering when the streak will be broken with a little girl!

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