I’m amazed that we have officially been in business for just over three years. The time has flown on this wonderful journey and I am still loving it just as much as when I started. This year has brought extra clarity as I’ve grown and been challenged.


My time in Belize made me consider some things as I worked with local women because I learned from them just as much as they learned from me. I felt God speaking to me that I need to trust him just as much with my business as I do on mission trips. So, I realized that it’s time to step out in faith.


I realized where my passion is with my business, it’s all in the custom orders. You have no idea how much I truly love making cakes and cupcakes! And I was surprised to find over the past few years in business, I have grown to love making donuts just as much. I truly believe that cakes, cupcakes and donuts bring so many smiles to people – it’s like I am spreading some sparkle to other people!


Sooo, remember when I came back from my mission trip and I said there would be changes to the business? In the next month, we will be rolling them out. I have grown so much as a business owner and a baker last year. I was stretched in a lot of different ways and I wouldn’t change anything that I have learned from or that I went through. One thing that really hit home for me, and that I keep learning over and over again, is that God has a new plan for my business. When I was in Belize, I absolutely enjoyed working with the women there. Since I have been back, I’ve felt like I need to continue this kind of role and work with women in our community. Amber Foster Smith and I have started a Mastermind group in our area and we will each be starting another small group from that. I want to help empower women and encourage them to go after their dreams. So along with baking, I will be starting to mentor and work with other women business owners. I am so thrilled! It’s all about empowering others.


With all that being said, we have decided to change our focus to mainly custom orders where my passion lies since I get to be so creative. We love doing parties and special events and Baked By Billie is growing in the wedding industry which is so energizing for me. Using my creativity to bless other events is a perfect fit.


With this change and growth in these areas comes a pull back from others. We’ve decided to make a major pivot in our business and stop doing general events, including the Holly Springs Farmers Market. This was a brutally hard decision to make but after praying about it and talking it through with Jimmy, we decided not to be a vendor. Our last market will be April 21 which is the indoor market. There are weekends we are already or close to being booked with custom orders. I don’t think it’s fair to you, the market, and myself because I can’t commit to being there every week. I have loved my time at the market and met so many amazing people and lots of new friends. I wouldn’t trade my time there.


And don’t worry! You can still contact me and order anything you want! I might be a guest vendor in the future, but right now I am not sure if that will happen and commit. I hope and pray you understand. God has a funny way of showing up in our lives and changing our paths and often, it’s when we least expect it.


Plus, we are looking into starting another new adventure? Any ideas on what this one will be???


And I always share lots of pics of what I’m baking on Facebook and Instagram from our latest baking and the happy life we are living. 


Love and Sprinkles,